Hey hi, I'm Melody!

I'm a sparkly code unicorn who makes art, websites, and tea!
Let's build something cool together.

My pronouns are plural they/them. Nice to meet you!

Find me on Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble, and Twitch.

Cool thangs I worked on!

Here are some fun and interesting projects I recently worked on! You can also find my full webdev, design, and community portfolio at melody.cool:

Guru screenshot


As a React Apprentice, I worked on new features that improves access to knowledge for sales teams!

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Temple University screenshot

Temple University

I developed a simple to read and open-source Jekyll theme used today by 100+ department & program sites!

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CodeDay Philly & NYC screenshot

CodeDay Philly & NYC

Since 2014, I help organize a quarterly event that gets students excited about coding and technology!

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Talks? Talks!!

I love to travel new places to share what I learn with y'all! Here are some of my recent talks:

lo-fi hip hop beats to npm install to

@ !!Con + Philly JS Spring 2019 Spring 2019

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Web Development Like It's 2018 (w/ IE6)

@ QueensJS November 2018

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Spooking Your Friends with Electron

@ BrooklynJS October 2018

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Quick Dive into Frontend Web Dev

@ Everfree Northwest May 2018

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Here's a lil' about me:

I consider myself to be a jack of all trades, but master of none. My experience is an odd trail mix between:

My current affiliations are:

Let's build something cool together! The best way to get in touch with me is thru Twitter DMs. You can also send an email to hi at this domain!

PS This site was built on a livestream with Glitch and jekyll-starter.

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